March 2018

3rd March -   Open Practice Evening

10th March - CB Practice

18th March - Wizard of Oz Rehearsals (kids).

18th March - Daniella Truman Privale Lessons

23rd March - CB Practice Evening

25th March - Wizard of Oz Rehearsals (kids)

25th March - Daniella Truman Private Lesson

30th March - CB Practice Evening


April 2018

7th April - Open Practice

8th April - Wizard of Oz Rehearsals (kids)

8th April -  Daniella Truman Private Lessons

13th April - CB Practice Evening

20th April - CB Practice Evening

22nd April -   Wizard of Oz Rehearsals (kids)

22nd April - Daniella Truman Private Lessons

27th April -  CB Practice Evening


May 2018

5th May - Open Practice

6th May - Medal Tests

11th May - CB Practiced Evening

18th May - CB Practice Evening

25th May - CB Practice Evening

20th May - Wizard of Oz Rehearsals (kids)

20th May - Daniella Truman Private Lessons

22nd May - Strictly News Beginners 6 week course


June 2018

 2nd June -  Open Practice

8th June -    CB Practice Evening

15th June -  CB Practice Evening

22nd June - CB Practice Evening

29th June -  CB Practice Evening


July 2018

7th July -   Open Practice

8th July -   UKA Medallist Competition

13th July -  CB Practice Evening

20th July - CB Practice Evening

27th July -   CB Practice Evening


January 2017

22 January - David and Dani Trueman private lessons